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Inspirational Speaking

Kathie is such a warm and engaging speaker!

I highly recommend her to anyone considering inviting her to address a group. Recently I invited her to make a presentation at my church for a Sunday service and she wowed us. She is masterful in blending personal stories and anecdotes with solid information and helpful hints related to aging for caregivers, family members and those concerned about their own situations and memory issues. The true test of a compelling speaker is when the audience refuses to leave and continues to wait in line to capture a few minutes with the speaker. We could have kept Kathie with us for hours. And I know she touched hearts and gave hope to those who will find her ‘Caring Cards‘ a great tool for stimulating conversations with loved ones, whether they are dealing with dementia or not. I can recommend Kathie without reservation.

Paula Van NessCEOConnecticut Community FoundationWaterbury, CT

Kathie is a wonderful inspirational speaker!

I recently attended Kathie Nitz’s presentation of “Mom, Muffin and Me” where she shared her experiences as she witnessed her Mother slip into the abyss of dementia. Kathie also spoke about the ways in which she has been able to maintain a meaningful relationship with her Mom.

An impressive speaker, Kathie immediately engages her audience with her quiet manner and wonderful sense of humor.  All levels of medical personnel who provide care to the elderly in healthcare facilities and in-home care would benefit from hearing her message. She proposes a much needed blueprint and a different perspective for interacting in meaningful conversation with those who may be experiencing dementia.Her interpretation of some of the behaviors exhibited by the elderly in various care giving situations help to give understanding and meaning to those situations from the perspective of elderly individuals.

The innate skills Kathie employs to connect with her Mom are wonderfully simple and can be used to stimulate intergenerational communication that will enhance the ability to obtain information that would otherwise be lost. “Caring Cards” developed by Ms. Nitz prompt meaningful conversation about the simple things in Life and can be used as a natural part of any conversation. I can only say that I wish I had known about Caring Cards when my own mother was alive.  I believe I would have learned very interesting things about her life that I never thought to ask. Kathie Nitz’s presentation held the rapt attention of her audience and left them wanting further interaction with her and more stories about her life experiences. Kathie is a wonderful inspirational speaker!

Janice JosephBSN, MED, MBA, RN, Wound Care Specialist and Consultant

I highly recommend hiring Kathie for your next speaking event.

Brookdale Chatfield recently hired Kathie Nitz to be the speaker at our inaugural event in our new state-of-the-art Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s & Dementia community. Kathie’s presentation “Mom, Muffin & Me: A Journey of Love, Laughter and Letting Go” about her journey as a caregiver to her mother with dementia was overwhelmingly well received. Our diverse audience, made up of family caregivers, professionals and Brookdale Chatfield residents, listened intently, laughed and even cried. More importantly, they remained engaged through the Q&A when they asked thoughtful questions and expressed gratitude for Kathie’s message and insights. Many of them even sought me out to specifically tell me how much they enjoyed Kathie’s speaking style and presentation and how much they learned. From my first contact with Kathie, I knew my trust was well placed. She was professional and pro-active every step of the way and especially accommodating when we had to push the event date back a couple of times due to expected construction delays. I highly recommend hiring Kathie for your next speaking event.

Cindy JonesSales & Marketing DirectorBrookdale ChatfieldWest Hartford, CT


I know that what Kathie brings to the coaching relationship is truly special.

Having worked in the past with some excellent coaches, I know that what Kathie brings to the coaching relationship is truly special. Her ability to be completely present, without any personal agenda, has allowed for real truth and clarity to emerge for me and my work. There is ‘magic’ that can show up when working with a master of her craft, and I have been so fortunate to experience this with Kathie.

Susan Joyce ProctorAuthor, " Women's Wellness and Weight Expert and the founder of Gourmet Wellness"

Kathie Nitz is an unbelievable presence and gift in my life

She has a powerful intuition and I can always count on her to bring that gift to our calls. She shows up with impeccable professionalism and is incredibly warm and kind.Even when calls feel painful and/or emotional she is there to help you create space for yourself and quick to remind you to give yourself credit (great for all of us closet perfectionists!), that you show up as well, and that the hard work you’ve done is a credit to you. She is witness to all the success she helps you create and is impossibly generous. If you are looking at these testimonials I can surmise that you are already searching. Give Kathie a try. I think you’ll be sincerely grateful you did. I know I am!

Ashley Z.

Caring Cards (Learn more about Caring Cards)

Kudos to Kathie Nitz for developing this wonderful resource

One of the deepest needs we have as individuals is to feel understood – and I believe this feeling gets stronger as we get older.  Sharing and recording life stories is a powerful way to build understanding, and Caring Cards® can make this easy and enjoyable.  Kudos to Kathie Nitz for developing this wonderful resource.

David TroxelAuthor, "A Dignified Life:The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer's Care"


Kathie's year as President was an exemplar of leadership for the 21st Century

During the past four years I have watched Kathie Nitz flourish and grow as a leader as she ascended from Treasurer, President-Elect, and then, through an outstanding year as President of the Connecticut Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF-CT). Kathie’s year as President was an exemplar of leadership for the 21st Century as she empowered the chapter to produce outcomes for an organization that are, in fact, the three vital outcomes great coaches enable their individuals clients to achieve: 1). Acquisition of the skills, knowledge, and behaviors necessary for long-term excellent performance; 2). The competence, willingness and commitment for self-assessment and self-correction when things are not going the way desired or intended; and 3). An infectious commitment to continuous self-improvement and effectiveness that propels the individual toward the transformation they ultimately seek. Watching Kathie, as President, empower the ICF-CT officers, board of directors, committee chairs, and chapter of nearly 130 individuals voluntarily assume the desire to achieve these three outcomes individually and collectively is to witness a stunning and bravura leadership performance. Watching as the other officers and members of the board of directors continually evoke new enthusiasm as they assumed new responsibilities in the process makes it easy for me to say that Kathie’s leadership is the quintessential demonstration of Lao-tzu’s leadership admonition: “When the best leader’s work is done the people say: We did it ourselves.

Jerry SinnamonPast President, ICF-CT Chapter