Mom, Muffin & Me

My 14 years as a caregiver to my mom (with dementia) was a challenging, rewarding, heartbreaking and uplifting journey. I’m thrilled to have this site to keep you informed about my new project … a book entitled “Mom, Muffin and Me: A Journey of Love, Laughter & Letting Go”.

It’s something I’ve been working on for nearly nine years. With her recent passing, I now know how her journey here ends … which means it’s time for me to honor and share our extraordinary ordinary moments together.

In 2003 my mom moved near me in part because dementia began to impact her life. In 2009, she ended up in a nursing home due to a confluence of events. It was incredibly sobering and I realized on a much deeper level that I was losing her.

My mom was a spunky, quick witted woman who often said memorable funny and poignant things! Even through the fog of her advancing dementia, she continued to do so. Although her words were eventually twisted or misused, I was usually able to figure out what she was trying to say.

Early on during our visits, I would think “Oh my gosh, I’ll never forget THAT one!” but by the time I got to my car sometimes I couldn’t remember them.

So, I began texting these pearls of wisdom to myself in the moment to be sure they were accurately preserved. Never did I imagine I’d end up with nearly 900 of what I began calling “Dosi-isms” (“Dosi” is a nickname my husband gave my mom).

As I started sharing some of them on Facebook with my friends and family, they reflected back to me how much they enjoyed them and also what they were learning about engaging and respecting an aging loved one. I came to realize the book could serve a greater purpose beyond preserving my mom’s voice and legacy through her memorable “Dosi-isms”.

My vision is to provide insights and tips on how to be “in the moment” even while navigating an often difficult path … so that you can remain present and appreciate the magic that is possible if we open ourselves to it.

I’m grateful to have a place to share this new journey with you! Please “Like” this Mom, Muffin & Me page so you can follow my progress!!! Also check out another project I was inspired to create on my caregiver journey with my mom … Caring Cards at