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istockthreeleapingLet's face it . . .

Every day we encounter obstacles that can get us off track. Most of us feel stretched to the limit on a regular basis. 

So, let me ask you this . . .

What brought YOU here today? What are YOU looking for? What do YOU need right now?

I don't believe in coincidences, so I'm certain our paths have crossed for a reason.  Take a deep breath and rest assured that together we will put tools in place to set you up for success.

Is it your desire to: 

  • “wake up” and start living a life of choice?
  • develop a fresh perspective that will help you get "unstuck"?
  • free yourself from old patterns that no longer serve you well?
  • learn to communicate more effectively with others?
  • empower yourself to joyfully and fearlessly create the life of your dreams?

Start believing YOU have the power to change your own life!

When we establish a coach/client partnership, we build an environment of trust and honesty within which you can begin to focus on and commit to creating the fulfilling, vibrant life you desire and, more importantly, deserve to live.

The choice is yours.

You can continue on your current path alone, or you can contact me today and start making the changes that will help you reconnect with who you were born to be.


  • Living Testimonial

    "Having worked in the past with some excellent coaches, I know that what Kathie brings to the coaching relationship is truly special. Her ability to be completely present, without any personal agenda, has allowed for real truth and clarity to emerge for me and my work. There is 'magic' that can show up when working with a master of her craft, and I have been so fortunate to experience this with Kathie." ~ Susan Joyce Proctor Women's Wellness and Weight Expert and the founder of Gourmet Wellness 

  • Living Testimonial

    "Kathie Nitz is an unbelievable presence and gift in my life. She has a powerful intuition and I can always count on her to bring that gift to our calls. She shows up with impeccable professionalism and is incredibly warm and kind.Even when calls feel painful and/or emotional she is there to help you create space for yourself and quick to remind you to give yourself credit (great for all of us closet perfectionists!), that you show up as well, and that the hard work you've done is a credit to you. She is witness to all the success she helps you create and is impossibly generous. If you are looking at these testimonials I can surmise that you are already searching. Give Kathie a try. I think you'll be sincerely grateful you did. I know I am!" ~ Ashley Z.

  • Living Testimonial

    "After being in cold storage emotionally for many years, with Kathie's guidance I have made a brand new start. I now realize I have a choice in all that I do and am a firm believer that what I put out is what I receive. Her coaching has given me the ability to have a healthy relationship with myself and now with others. I am less afraid and more accessible. After spending my life doing for others, I finally have the ability to receive and it feels great!" ~ Burt F.

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