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Strategies for Caring

momandmenov2012Feeling stretched to the limit as a caregiver?

Dealing with the day-to-day responsibilities, emotions and pressures of being a caregiver while simultaneously trying to live your own life creates constant pressure that can wear you down and leave you vulnerable to stress related illnesses.

As a caregiver to my Mom, I understand firsthand the challenges caregivers face while navigating this new territory.

What I’ve personally discovered is . . .

The emotional charge within this situation can be minimized.  By applying both coaching principles and insights learned from my own journey, I have created a simple yet effective six step approach to support you.

Caregivers will develop a fresh perspective.

Those burdened by their circumstances will discover new ways of managing this challenge and create their own unique caregiver model.  This will enable you to care from a stronger, healthier and more capable place and walk away with tools to support you as a caregiver. The added bonus is that these concepts may be applied to all aspects of your life.

Imagine how you will benefit when you are able to:

  • create a healthier balance between the other responsibilities in your life and the time and energy it takes to care for your loved one(s)
  • honestly convey your needs as the caregiver to the rest of the family and work together instead of feeling at odds, misunderstood or as if you were bearing it all on your own shoulders
  • respect your own boundaries and perspectives as well as those of your loved one(s) and other family members
  • establish a more effective way to communicate with your loved one(s) and transform the counterproductive and emotional patterns of the past
  • get stronger through the process of care giving instead of more exhausted and overwhelmed
  • fully embrace your role as caregiver and create an opportunity for you and your loved one(s) to make some special memories now – no matter how demanding the situation has become

Together we'll build an environment of trust and honesty.

Within this safe and nurturing setting, you will learn how to navigate these tumultuous waters.  You'll finally be able to honor your own humanness, as well as your loved one’s, and find a path of compassion and dignity from which to care.

Care giving can also become an opportunity for you to experience tremendous personal growth as well as develop a more authentic relationship with your loved one(s).  

You do not have to go it alone!

If you're ready to ease your burden, embrace your caregiver journey and uncover the often overlooked gifts, contact me today.

Caring Cards® can also support you as a caregiver and create meaningful connection with your loved one!  Learn more here.

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