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"I approached Kathie at a time when I needed help in getting over a job loss and addressing work related interpersonal issues.  By listening to my description of events, feelings and thoughts, she uncovered early on a fundamental theme we worked on throughout our sessions.  Eventually, both life and career challenges I was facing were addressed.

Kathie's approach is gentle and holistic, and she was always there being a witness. She showed me that I could let go of my strong attachment to an outcome, while still maintain trust in my ability to relate to others and give a voice to my thoughts and feelings. This helped me deal with a tough life challenge to allow the healing process to begin so that I could move on. Throughout our journey, she pointed out my strengths and enabled me to adopt new behaviors that resulted in outcomes which met or exceeded my expectations.

It might be overly dramatic to say that her coaching changed my life, for only time will tell. It would be fair to say she helped me establish new perspectives, options, and tools to choose behavior patterns more conducive to the results I really want or better than I expect. For this, I am thankful that she helped me strive to thrive, so that I am ready to fly!"

Joyce C.

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