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"I hired Kathie Nitz of Strive to Thrive to provide her coaching services in several areas of my business. First, she worked with me and an associate to create a more collaborative and effective client interview model. I also recently offered her coaching to a client as a value added service to support her during a time of transition. My client was delighted to receive Kathie's guidance, and I was pleased to provide another avenue of customer service to help differentiate me and my business. Finally, Kathie worked with the entire Burns & Co. team to improve communications, break through road blocks and streamline procedures.

To be honest, I was skeptical at first. I had never experienced coaching and was not certain of its benefits. In the end, Kathie's coaching has had a positive impact on my business, and I have discovered the true value of her services. I consider Kathie to be a strategic partner who I will continue to work with as needed and confidently recommend to others."

Mark Burns, CPA
Burns & Co., LLC

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