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"Kathie worked her wonders as a Life Coach to guide me on my path to my new career. I have been struggling within myself for a number of years trying to decide what career I wanted to be in at this time of my life. The career I had before having children was not really me, especially since I learned so much about myself as I matured. Kathie spent our first meeting asking me many questions about what I wanted and didn't want in a career. When we were well into the second half of the hour, my thought was, "Now she's seeing how tough my case is...". But 50 minutes into the hour, she showed me the path in my words and I had a light bulb moment! In the following months, Kathie helped me to realize my dream through refining the specifics of my career goals, revamping my resume and completing the search for my dream career. Now I am very excited to be at the start of a career in social work that I never thought would be my path. Thank you, Kathie!!"

Maureen Del Vicario

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